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killas guide to easy skinning

You'll notice on the command pannel a few buttons have appeared. We'll only be using the 'Edit' and 'Planar Map' buttons.

Select your chassis. Where it says Unwrap UVW on the command bar click the little plus sign to the left of it. 'Select face' should appear. This allows us to edit the mapping of certain faces at a time.

Click the edit button. The mess you see in the window that pops up is the Chassis mesh squashed flat. All the little white boxes are the vertecies of the mesh. You'll also notice a dark square border, this is the texture file boundary. It doesn't matter is parts of your mesh goes outside this boundary, becuase the texture is tiled around it too.

What we need to is be able to see the skin so we know where to put the bits. at the top right is a dropdown box with a line thru it. drop it down and click "Pick Texture". on the window that pops up, double click on the black box labelled "Bitmap", and find your skin file.

There we go. Now make room by selecting all the vertecies and move them outside the boundary.

Back on the normal RenX window, select the Select Face option, and select all the faces on the top of the hull like I have. If you are using perspective view to select them, having edged faces enabled in the viewport helps a lot :)

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