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killas guide to easy skinning

If, like me, you are no good at using imaging software then you know how difficalt it can be to make your tank model look great with a skin. But thankfully, there is a way! Fair enuff, I guess it is cheating in a way, but this is my guide to easy skinning using UVW Unwrap and skins meant for other units in Generals!

Ok, let's get started. First you need a tank and a skin. I'm going to use my leopard tank from the tank building tutorial and the skin for the USA Crusader tank, extracted from Generals' Textures.big in the Generals install folder. You can do this using programs like FinalBig or XCC Mixer. Using photoshop I turned the DDS skin into a tga file so I could use it in RenX. This is the only time I use and image editing software in this skinning process!

I have split my tank up into sections to avoid the UVW Unwrapper getting clogged up later, you'll see what I mean. The sections are Chassis, Turret, Barrel and the two Treads.

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