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killas guide to easy skinning

First we apply the skin to the meshes. With all the bits selected, click the Renegade Material Editor button. It looks like a chess board on the main toolbar, if you dont see it drag the main toolbar to the left.

Click the Make New Renegade Material button (blue and white box with cursor) and name it whatever you want. I left it as 'Renegade Mtl #0', it doesn't matter really. Now click on the 'Pass 1' tab at the top. Click on the 'Textures' tab that appears half way down. Check the box to the left of 'Stage 0 Texture' and press the big button labelled 'None'. this is where you choose the texture file, so find the skin and click Open. The word None should have been replaced by the name of the skin file. Then click the Display button and finally assign it to the objects using the button in the bottom right corner.

Your model may have changed color when you apllied the texture, or it just looks like a colourful mess. Dont pannic, it just needs a little work. Here's what mine looked like.

Anyway, give each section of your model it's own UVW Unwrap modifier by clicking Modifiers>UVW Coordinates>Unwrap UVW.

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